The Dungeoneers of Dungeness Dungeon

First Session

Dumb and Dumber and the Terrible Trap Tyranny

In this, the inaugural session, all players have managed to avoid death. Apparently that is an accomplishment and it only required some deus ex austin-a from a surprise guest player!

After two days of travel, and a stupid-endus encounter with a pair of Yellow Musk Creepers, the party has arrived to the secret dwarven entrance to the Dungeness Dungeon™! After stepping inside they immediately triggered a trap and then realized what they were in for. Apparently this dungeon was created by the same architectural theme that designed Sen’s Fortress in Lodran. So after several more traps they austin-tatiously met a set a magical plate armor sized like a dwarf. The plate armor calls itself ‘Valen Durenheart’ and claims to be a Dwarvern Cleric who was ‘lost in the dungeon and decided to not proceed further because of all the traps.’ Well, after this ‘plate-maile cleric’ joined the party and then they encountered two additional traps; causing the cleric to maybe wonder if this party will meet the same fate as the last one.

Already deep into this dungeon, the party will continue next week and maybe even clear the place out. More likely they will die after a particularly dangerous encounter with a troll and then getting hit by arrow trap.



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