The Dungeoneers of Dungeness Dungeon

Generally Gentle Generation


Stuff for players!

- Be 5th level, not fourth (unless you are proceeding to fifth), not sixth and seventh is right out!
- Play a normal race… unless you are Grant. If you are Grant, just don’t be a furry.
- Have a reason to go into a dungeon and work together/ not kill each other.
- Try to roll things randomly as much as possible. That’s totes my
~ A E S T H E T I C ~

Stuff for DMs!

- procedurally generate everything.
- make a :
– world map (in hexagrapher) DONE!
– write world traversal rules (a la Matthew Colville) DONE! (ish)
– write basic world info stuff (and procedurally generate the details) umm… hold on a minute
- Generate a butt-ton of NPCs for random shit that will happen (I’m doing this).



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