The Dungeoneers of Dungeness Dungeon

Second Session

Run from the Dungeness Dungeon!

In this session there was much grumpiness and combat and treasure, so much so that the group decided they only really needed to explore half the dungeon and could return another day (or never). Things were going along quite swimmingly until the wizard of poor combat choices (filthy arcanes!) decided to light herself on fire and retreat from combat. Lucky there was full-plate, which was wrapped around a dwarf, that decided to soak up all the damage from a pile of toothy-blood-jello. meanwhile, the Drubbus and Tessara poked inquisitively at the toothy blood mash until it stopped moving so much (and there was much rejoicing). The players decided to rest in the dungeon here, and while they heard things in the night, the things in the night did not hear them (or more likely just didn’t care).

Then there was an encounter with a strange zombie that decided to wrap itself in toilet paper or linens or something. Anyway the creature fell to swift and prompt stabbing despite its wish to spread its message of hugs and love. The players eventually did try to help the creature by healing it as an apology, however the zombie was allergic and crumbled to dust.

It was about here that the players took a mighty interest in doors and trying to open and close them. when they found a door that would not open they decided to go around after much pushing shoving and kicking. in that room they found a magic mirror that they decided was the objective of their adventures, and the dungeon believed it too because they were promptly attacked by low level monsters that the party mercilessly executed.

Awkwardly carrying a wall-mirror down the mountain side the party stopped for the night and apparently in the path of a midnight stroll of a Cyclops. As the wizard continued to cast spells to dubious effect and indirectly causing repeated near death experiences for Tessara (which resulted in having an awkward conversation with their maker). However when all was said and done Drubbus ‘McStabstab’ Gubjub horrendously wounded the beast while others attempted to finish it off. It honestly would have ran away if people were not so bloodthirsty to kill these large and misunderstood giants who want to eat people, but fate is cruel.

So the characters return to the town of Dungeness, richer, probably not wiser, and quite unlikely to ever return to the Dungeness Dungeon ever again.



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