While the standard D&D Alignments will be used they are not dependent necessarily on your actions but on the order or deities that are worshiped. This divine power is what causes the interactions of spells like “detect evil” or abilities like ‘Holy’ to function.

Clerics and Paladins spells will not function if they don’t have faith in their deities or do their deities work. The orders are constructs of men, but the deities are not above working together if it advances their goals. in this way, the orders function as as a useful structure for the mortal religions.

Rangers and Druids spells are granted by the fey in the Seelie and Unseelie Court. Their alignment is determined by which fey are granting them power. Since most fey are quite whimsical, it tends to lead most druids and rangers to a chaotic alignment.

Atheism and cynicism tends to lead people to having the alignment of True Neutral. However they are often attracted to the Order of the Wolf if for no other reason than to find like minded individuals.


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