History of the World

Knowledge of the Seven Ages

Most characters with some training of Knowledge (history) can recall all the seven ages; and some of the more learned can recall the details about them. Most adventures know that stuff from the early ages was powerful and very valuable.

The Seven Ages

Scholars of men recognize seven ages that world has been through. Each had its own ideologies, wars, peoples, and magics that greatly shaped its age and the ages to come. Each age stretched for 1500 to 2000 years, except for the seventh age that was abruptly cut short.

Most reliable sources and written records come from the middle of the Age for Knights through the Age of Knowledge. Most tomes from before then are rare and in often unspoken languages known only to scholars. Everything else is either story or speculation with little evidence from a variety of sources.

1. Age of Fire

This is the age where the proto-men first began to worship the gods, work metal, trade on the seas, and build cities. It was during this old time that some of the gods would walk the lands, making scions of mortals and having empires built in their glory. Often the oldest and most revealing and most powerful religious artifacts come from this old age. This is also the time when races split into dwarves, elves, humans, halflings, and gnomes. This age ended as the first of the races started to discover the arcane arts and turn their focus away from the gods and to the power they could create for themselves

2. Age of Magic

The Elves were the first to study the Arcane mysteries of magic and voraciously took notes in their libraries and twisted strong magics of the world to do their bidding. They soon taught the dwarves who worked magics into metals, the gnomes who worked magic into alchemy, the halflings worked magic into tricks and the humans who worked magic into war. During this age magic was still strong and the powers of the magics crafted where nearly limitless. This age ended in strife as the state’s turned on one another as they coveted the magics the others had made for themselves.

3. Age of Heroes

The Dwarves were the first to work magic into their axes and march them against one another in the “War of the Halls”. Soon however every state was calling their banners to assembly to address grievances slight and perceived. In the wars of great magics and terrible artifacts were set loose upon the world; and it was the great heroes who wielded them sacking cities and slaughtering soldiers. Great armies were raised with strong magics in their arms and armor many of which still survive to this day. This is when the empires of the races became united under one banner and through the deeds of great men where things achieved. However, it was the pursuit of war that drove the empires of heroes to folly and failure. The age ended as the empires looked beyond the mortal realm for more powerful armies to fight.

4. Age of Demons

The magic was soon twisted to summon and supply great beasts and demonic creatures to fight the wars of the empires. It was during this time that Demons and Devils first came to the world. The Goblin-kin and Orcs came to the world and wrought unforeseen destruction. In the ‘Betrayal of Broken Salt’ the demons and devils wretched power away from the empires and began a call for Blood War. The sons of heroes and the armies of the empires united to drive the demons back, but lost. The sons of heroes and the archmages turned to their coveted magics; but they could only protect a few as the wars continued to ravage the lands. The sons of heroes and the last of mortals turned the forsaken gods, pleading for their mercy, and finally sent the demons and devils back with a great cataclysm that stripped magic from the world for a thousand years.

5. Age of Fey

As the remnants of empires struggled to rebuild from the great cataclysm they abandoned their cities and migrated through the lands. Elves took the deep woods for refuge, the Dwarves went to the mountains for solitude, the Humans to the plains and returned to their farms, the Gnomes returned to forests for peace, the Halflings migrated to hills for their humble abodes. The orcs and goblin-kin raided and fought all others to survive. Many returned to the gods for reverence and protection The honorable and respectful and were gifted with the power of the gods to heal and defend their faiths. It was during this time that fey heard the call of the elves and began to come to the world. Slowly but surely they tested and tricked mortals to find the worthy and slowly let them take back to magic. Only those who were reverent and respectful to the things they didn’t know found themselves again with magic.

6. Age of Knights

When magic returned to the world the courts of mortals soon began to come together once again under banners. However it was the reverence and respect and codes of honor that bound the banners together. Alliances with fey or the gods were used to craft the ancestral weapons, armors, and magics of knightly orders and noble houses. These were often guarded revealed and returned or repaired by the powers who created them. It wasn’t until the end of the age that the mortal wizards soon learned to craft their own items from the magics. A great plague was brought as a test for mortal arrogance, but they respected the gods and the fey. Those who were favored were spared their death. With this blessing the mortals once again began to craft their own weapons and arms the age was drawn to a close.

7. Age of Knowledge/ The Age of Fools

With a return of magic the mortals took their knowledge to bring greater prosperity to their noble houses. Again the noble houses and banners were brought together into empires, but keeping the faith in the gods and the festivals of fey. However the empire of a humans who once again brought destruction to the land. Believing the archmages could repair the old magics and rebuild the scarred lands of the first empires of mortals Powerful magic was called to the world. A Cataclysm cut magic from the land for a hundred years and a day. The empires fell once again as the magic was wretched from the world and was replaced by hunger and winter. The folly of men cut the age short after a mere 473 years.

8. The Last Age

Today is now in the 116th year of the Last age. Most scholars believe the world is now slipping into inevitable decline and that any power or greatness in the world has long since past. Many mortal houses also see this as the case and wish to take what they can before they flee this world for another plane. The stories of havoc the demons brought to the world is not forgotten by the northern houses. Many know they will need the strongest and best artifacts to survive, and a thriving market has been created for the objects of the past ages. Many a noble and scholar is looking to purchase anything that could be of value when leaving this world for good.

History of the World

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