Peoples of the World

There are many peoples in the world. Many are remnants of empires of old or those who have banded together out of desperation. Over the 8 ages there has been much strife and displacement of people often meaning that the stigmas and bias are based more around social position and religion rather than race.

The lowest of the low

Swindlers, witches, thieves, highwaymen, and other transient outlaws.

Pilgrims, Repenters, Shamans, Gypsies, and Journeymen.

There are many sorts of traveling folk.


Adventuring is seen as a less reputable, but interesting, profession.

Locals, Peasants, Labourers,

The lowest of the locals are still a cut above the most transient of folk.


The adepts of the magical arts are often respected and sometimes feared.


These people assist the brothers and sisters of the faiths with their duties.

Traders, Shopkeeps, and Professionals

Traders, Shopkeepers, and Professionals are far from gentry, but quite well off.


Mages are the learned and professional wizards, sorcerers and other spellcasters.


Mercenaries may be little different than sanctioned brigands.

High Peasants

High Peasants are those in their community who can afford the luxuries many can not afford.


These folks are those who seek to appease the fey.

Peoples of the World

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