The Courts of Fey


Unseelie and Seelie Courts

The Seelie and Unseelie courts are the two sides of the fey. One seeks to find the compassion and reverence in mortals, another seeks to expose its wicked and unworthiness. However the proceedings of the court are bizarre. The speeches seem meandering and illogical; the witnesses are incoherent, and the conclusions are fair and lucid.

The Inner and Outer Circles

The inner circles of the court are made of the most powerful fey, who are said to rival and consort with deities. Sometimes they will even listen patronizingly to the pleas of deities (whom Demeter is known to playing into). The outer circle is made of any fey who wish to attend and their murmurs and whispers often influence the motions of the inner circle.


The Fey and commonly worshipped and appeased at a local level, often it is the Druids and Witches who maintain worship with the lesser fey who are close to mortal towns. Among the races it was the Elves who first turned to the fey for magic and they retain their close relations and reverence for these beings. Some elves even worship some of the inner court as gods.


The Fey Courts rival the power of even the most powerful individual gods. However they rarely oppose or become involved in the matters of deities unless they concern themselves with nature. Among mortals however, many see the worship of deities and an affront to worshiping the Seven Orders. This causes rivalries and sometimes violence between those who accuse fey worshippers as serving the unseelie court and tempting mortals. It is often in these conflicts that the Seelie court may swiftly punish those who trespass; or the seelie court who pardons the actions of the just.

The Courts of Fey

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