Town of Dungeness



The town of Dungeness has grown much to accommodate the many adventures that travel through on their way to the mountains and its abandoned castles, caverns, and crypts. Any adventurer or would-be adventure can find the necessary things they need to travel about the mountains in search of forgotten treasures.


Dungeness is rather open to most folk who smell good enough and keep enough coin. Some places, and certainly many militia, distrust the more monstrous of mortals and the demonic of outsiders. However there are often lower classes places that will accommodate these creatures. It’s uncommon for anyone to be outright killed in the streets; but refusal of passage or service or the presumed accusation is not uncommon.


The town of Dungeness covers an area of approximately 85 acres, with a total population of 5165 people.

Gentry and Clergy

The town has 21 noble houses. The peace is kept by 24 guardsmen, and there are 9 advocates to assist with legal matters. For those more concerned about the seven orders, there are 178 clergymen and 4 priests.

Town of Dungeness

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