Travel on the grand scale

Each Hexagon is 6.2 miles per a side, roughly 12.5 miles across and represents about 100 square miles in area. The speed for moving through hexagons is as follows:

- Cultivated or farming or grassland can be moved through at normal speed. You move slightly faster on roads and the DM will round numbers up.
- Woods, hills, deserts, ruins, are considered difficult terrain without a road.
- Mountains and forested hills or forested mountains can not be moved through without a survival check (DC 15) or a road and are considered difficult terrain.



When you wish to travel from one location or another over the map a random encounter could occur. For each Hex move a D12 will be rolled and on a 1-3 a potentially hostile encounter will occur. Rolling a 1 will always be a difficult encounter scaled for the party, 2-3 will be location appropriate. Making a survival check (DC 10 + encounter CR) will let you avoid or ambush these encounters.


Sleep and Rest

Sleeping or resting creates a chance for a random encounter during the night. (or once every 4 hours if sleeping or resting in a dungeon). Sleeping or resting at an inn or as a guest in someone’s home does not require a roll. Sleeping in the streets of a town or city will likely mean an encounter with city guards or other less reputable folk.


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