Adventuring is seen as a less reputable, but interesting choice of profession. Very little separates a thieving footpad from an adventurer; except for whom they steal from. Some lords may even require a contract for adventurers to operate; but this is rarely enforced except for the more exceptional adventurers or troublesome individuals. Often people take to adventuring out of wanderlust and boredom and then leave the craft soon after due to the danger and realities of the trade.


Despite the dangers and complications of the profession, there is still a large demand for the work. High Mages, Nobles, Clergy, and even Seers are looking to obtain or recover lost artifacts of faith and power. While some are seeking to ascend this world and others are seeking to revive it, they both need the services of lesser men to adventure to the depths and darkness to find the trinkets needed for their plans.


A few adventures have gained renowned and been called ‘heros’ with songs sung of their exploits and adventures. Some may even be made serjents or gain knight-hood for the greatest of exploits in the name of a lord or order. Other times it is lesser nobles or serjents themselves who will take to adventures at their lord’s command. Rarely do these people stay with the adventuring life; however it is not unknown for an old adventurer of renown to descend into the dark one last time in search of a lost treasure that never existed and never be seen again.


Any fool with a sword and torches can call himself an adventurer; but only a few continually steel themselves to delve in the dark against monsters and traps for fortunes unknown. Many career adventures are truly a desperate lot with no other way to make it in the world and have little to their name beyond equipment and their trophies of conquest.


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