The Nine Tomes of the Sibylline

There are thought to be nine books that were delivered to the world by the queen Sibyl, their knowledge is powerful, prophetic, and generally not meant for mortal eyes. The books themselves are widely considered to be lost or destroyed or prehaps they never existed; however fragments of copies of these works are supposed to exists in the deepest of vaults and lost in the darkest of places. While their names are known, their contents is generally considered to be a mystery. The only thing it seems people can agree upon is that these books have great magic and power.

Fables – a book of morality

The Enlightenment – the book of understanding

Bestaria infinitum – the book of beasts

Eleusinian Histories – the book of the seasons

Theogony – the book of the gods

Ars Magica – the book of magic

Di Inferi – The book of temptations

Mysteries Chthonic – book of darkness

The Histories – a book of the history of the world

The Nine Tomes of the Sibylline

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