Orders of Faith


There are seven recognized orders of faith among the world. Each order is a collection of gods who share common teachings and philosophies, however their domains can vary wildly. Most individuals need the aid of acolytes to find which deities they must appease for aide.

Order of Light

- a lawful and good order; devoted to light and the sun.

Order of the Rose

- a lawful order; devoted to chivalry and honor.

Order of the Lion

- a good order; devoted to helping the weak.

Order of the Robin

- a chaotic and good order; devoted to helping those who are oppressed.

Order of the Fox

- A chaotic order; devoted to trickery, mischief, and luck.

Order of the Wolf

- An order devoted to realism, cynicism, and pragmatism.

The Dark Orders

- An order devoted to the dark gods; few are openly devoted, but all the gods must be appeased.

Orders of Faith

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